The Rest of Relays

I was going to go to the events on Friday. I started the day strong with free tacos at Theta (thanks Hayleigh <3). But it was raining pretty hard. So I went to the mall instead of the stadium. I bought a rain jacket. And then I met my soaking wet family at Jethro’s for lunch. Pretty good morning for me.

Just typing the word Jethro’s makes me want wings.

Then we got to go to the 3oh3 concert that night. It was kind of a let down because it was chilly and I didn’t really know any of the songs. Still kind of fun. The worst part was that all the relays concessions were right by the stage but nothing was open, aka no pineapple whip.

Saturday I got to go to a little bit of our alumni breakfast at Kappa before heading out to a full day of graduation activities for my wonderful mother. Ethan (my nephew) is pretty cute. 

My mom graduated magna cum laude from Grandview University (another school in Des Moines) with a bachelor of arts in paralegal studies and concentration in HR. That’s probably at least 90% accurate but they use different words than Drake so I’m not positive. I am so so so proud of her for accomplishing this. She has attended school, first at DMACC and then at Grandview, for the past 6 years, all while working a full time and part time job, and still managing to support me in my high school & college activities. She’s basically superwoman. I’m pretty proud.

That was the end of my relays week, unless you count today where I struggle to catch up on all of the schoolwork I put off this past week. I’d rather end it on a good note though. Happy Relays 2015, bulldogs!


So far I have:

1. Street painted √√√ I’ve never gotten to participate in this before because freshman year it got cancelled and last year I was MIA en Chile. Here’s two pics…11146268_10205653953163770_5710800995500782711_n 11160665_10205653951043717_2197818138308999199_n

My dad (who you will see below) is a proud Drake alum and had no clue that street painting had turned into that^. He was very confused and had to confirm that we actually did still paint the street. Check out kappa’s square when you’re on campus this week, I helped paint the bulldog so I’m pretty artistic.

2. Attended our fierce first lady’s 70th birthday get together. Pictured below you will see Maddy (the queen for the day), Katherine (the queen’s house coordinator), Eunice (a fellow house/event staffer), and myself trying really hard to be fierce and fab and failing miserably because I always end up laughing. I love being able to have real conversations with the Maxwell’s, and am going to miss them too much next year.

3. Volunteered at the DU Blue Book Bash. It’s exciting to see that it’s still going after being able to help start it up two years ago! I got to know some pretty cool kids from Monroe elementary and got to show them that reading is kind of fun.

4. Ran the Grand Blue Mile with my father. He would have preferred a longer race, I would have preferred the kid’s fun run (.25 miles, ayooo). I managed to take a semi-tough looking picture with him. My face did not look like that by the end of the mile (the longest mile of my life). But he and my step mom took me to get a burrito and ice cream afterward so it all worked out for the best. I love having alums in the family.


Stay tuned… relays is still going and so am I (barely), xoxo

My Grand-Little Fell in Love with my Cousin on Tinder – Dating in a Modern Society

If you’re over 30 there’s a good chance you didn’t understand the above sentence, and that’s okay.

Definitions for a Modern Society: 

Grand-Little: In my sorority I have a “little sister” (like a mentee? best friend?) who has her own “little sisters.” So this is third generation.

Falling in Love: Being infatuated with someone. Not actually love tbh.

TBH: To be honest.

Tinder: An app for smartphones that let’s you choose who your soulmate is based on looks and a short bio.

Smartphones: lol just kidding

First let me vent about how overly connected our world is. It’s nice to have friends. But do you really need to know day to day updates from 1500 ‘friends,’ most of whom I’m assuming you haven’t talked to in years (if ever at all)? I have heard those people that say “no these are all seriously my friends” in which case I feel as though you don’t understand the definition of the word friend (see a dictionary for further information). It’s hard for me to find the correct equilibrium here, because if I don’t engage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., I could miss out on something important. Like my best friend’s cousin’s friend getting engaged. Or the kindergarten graduation of my cousin’s child. (Obviously those things aren’t actually important to me) I like being able to keep in touch with people and up to date on their lives, but there’s a certain point where it just becomes too much.

It makes sense that the only thing that can really follow a friendship site for millennials (FB) is a dating site for millennials (Tinder). Which is the worst thing in the world. I mean yeah I had one for a while because honestly it was kind of fun to see who’s out there (some real winners let me tell ya (see below)) but I’ve moved past that. Because a boy asked me on a real date and it weirded me out. All I know about you is your first name and your face shape and you want to meet up with me? There’s a 50/50 chance you’re a serial killer, according to recent statistics (that I just made up). What happened to the old-fashioned meeting someone out in the real world? And by real world I am not referring to either of the popular nighttime locales on Forest Ave. I mean like in class. Or through a friend. Or at a sporting event. Or at work. Does this still happen to people or should I give in right now and create my profile?

That’s a joke. But really, this is what dating is like today. Nonexistent or existent only after some sort of influence by social networks (whether through Tinder swiping, facebook creeping, or tweet stalking). I’m not that into it, which is why I don’t have a boyfriend (lol that’s the reason probably).

Good luck to my precious grand-little, a beautiful and slightly naive freshman who doesn’t understand real world love yet (an assumption I’m making because I don’t understand it, and I’m a junior, which means I should be wiser than her) and to my cousin, a guy I actually don’t know very well because I only see him like once a year. I’m sure you will be very happy together, in whichever social media platform you choose to pursue in developing your relationship.

Enjoy the following prospect, he blocked out his own face (because he’s probably just too good looking to handle), I just hid his number (you’re welcome Real Male) (also sorry my phone is en español):


I’m not going to Spain (officially)

If you know me, then you probably know the following two things:

1 – I love planning things out. I have tried time and time again to chill out and just let life happen but there’s a certain level of decision-making where I just need to know what’s going to take place, to have a little peace of mind. A Friday night- plans can change and that’s fine. My job choice after I graduate- let’s just say that not knowing what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be doing it is pretty rough on the planner in me.

2 – Big decisions are not my thing. I will go back and forth for days or even weeks before making a big decision, to ensure the optimal level of red alert in the planning section of my brain (I think that’s a real thing). I want to plan things out but what if I make the wrong choice and there’s no going back? There’s also moments where I go the complete other direction and make big decisions smaller so that they’re easier to make, like my spur of the moment tattoo or when deciding whether to get ice cream or cheesecake for dessert (if you don’t think that’s a big decision that you really don’t know me). That spontaneity, when I completely turn off the Event Planner Mollie, is generally when I have the most fun.

So when deciding about Spain, I took a solid month and a half to really figure it out. It involved multiple budget reports and chats with financial aid, a look at whether this experience would really be worth missing my senior year fall semester, and a detailed Pro/Con list. I decided last week, after missing the deadline to sign my lease at West Village, that I wanted to stay. Instead, I’m now (tentatively) planning on a three week J-Term in Salamanca. That way I can still see Spain, and learn more Spanish, and experience something new. However now, I can also save some money, and see my friends all fall, and continue working here in dsm.

Europe will be still be there next January.



I got to spend this last weekend in sunny Tuscon, which really is as beautiful as everyone has told you it is. In addition to the excitement of exploring a new city, I also got to see some of my favorite friends from Chile. These are some people that I know I will have as lifelong friends, and it was so great to be able to see them again, even if for just a short trip. Some highlights:

AZ fam

Night number one I got to see 6/10 of the AZ wildcats I met and bonded with in Chile. That was the best. It felt like we were back in Chile, only now Chile was filled with college hipsters and everyone spoke English.


Carson is the best fake tour guide. He and Camille (and for a brief period Colin) showed me around U of A’s gigantic campus. I definitely looked like a freshman because everything was so cool to me. Their student union had a Panda Express. That made me doubt my choice in colleges for a second (but only for a second, I love you DU). Hasta nunca, Colin.

hiking in AZ

On Saturday we went for a hike. This is Camille trying to get a closer look at some gross tadpoles. I have never hiked in my life (unless you count our short canyon tour of the Atacama or our canyoning excursion in Pucon. neither of which were even close to this). It was a blast though and definitely something I’d do again. The trail was unmarked and you kind of just had to wing it and hope that the path you just chose didn’t end in death. I was certain I wouldn’t make it out of there alive at some points. Mostly because I’m dramatic, there wasn’t any real peril involved (minus the climb straight up the side of a rock and the cacti everywhere and the vicious man-eating coyotes we encountered (the last one is made up)).

tuscon from A mounatin

This is the view from the A side of “A Mountain.” It’s like U of A’s pride and joy, this giant white “A” overlooking the city of Tuscon.

sunset from A mountain

This is the view from the other side of “A Mountain,” because we made it there for sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous, and we got to cross it off Carson’s bucket list!

easter waffle houseAZFinally on Sunday (Easter Sunday, which I hadn’t realized at all when I first booked my trip), we had a filling breakfast of burritos and mimosas, chilled at Camille’s, and headed back up to Phoenix to see another Chile friend. Alex was part of the AIFS City gang, and just happened to be in Phoenix at the same time for an interview and to visit family. So lucky to be able to meet up with him and catch up. It was the most unconventional Easter I’ve ever had, but I loved every second (aside from the leaving part).

Then Camila y Carçon (got the ç right that time) drove me to the airport and I said the shortest goodbye of my life. I think those are easier because there’s less chance of me crying. Not crying only because I was sad (except yes I am always sad to say goodbye to people I love) but also because I was so lucky to find these two fast friends abroad. Friends that understand my love for travel and Latin American culture, and who miss Chile almost as much as I do, and who can deal with my sarcasm and my cheesiness and my loud laugh. This weekend was one of my favorite of the entire semester, and I can’t wait for the next round of memories I get to make with my favorite West Coast-ers. xoxo,

Ingersoll Tap

For our marketing 106 class, which is Integrated Marketing Communications, we’re required to do this project that looks at a new company (5 years or younger) and makes suggestions on which direction to go with their marketing. Our group chose Ingersoll Tap.

Ingersoll Tap is this new bar on Ingersoll (surprised?) next to Palmer’s Deli. It’s in the same place as the old Suzette’s candy shop, which I got to tour as a child (connections, ayoo) and was super reminiscent to revisit. It was established just last September and is the perfect project for our group. They’ve mostly been working on just getting off their feet, so they haven’t necessarily been marketing focused.

It was so interesting to be able to sit down with the owner and talk about why he chose Des Moines. He looked at like 6 different cities to move to in order to start this bar (he’s originally from Arizona), and settled with Des Moines. I love when people love Des Moines. Our economy is nice, our parks are nice, our restaurant scene is nice, our schools are nice (generally), & our people are nice. His only complaint was the lack of hiking trails. Which sure I guess that is a downfall for those in touch with nature but I’m not huge on the outdoors. I like an outing every once and a while (like this weekend when I visit Arizona!!) but I would never make hiking a weekly event.

We had only ever seen the bar from the outside, which is how I came to love the place. The front patio is sweet. The inside, however, is gigantic compared to Drake bars and seemed like it would be a fun time. His target are those older than 25, to avoid the downtown binge drinkers and college crazies I think. There’s not really a theme to the bar yet, although he said he originally wanted it to be a whiskey bar, and plans on continuing down that path in the future. They also have a million different kinds of bar, with 14 non-domestics on tap, including 4 local brands. It seemed like a place that could be really Indy/Hipster if they wanted to, with a trivia night on Thursdays called “Geeks Who Drink.” All in all it was a chill venue. The music playing was like laid-back, old school jams that I couldn’t really get on board with but I’m sure his target market enjoys. Check it out sometime- and you can hit up Wellman’s and Star Bar while you’re in the neighborhood as well!

I <3 Des Moines.

Back to Reality

Whatever happened to Eminem? He was such an inspired artist.

But actually, reality is back, and it brought homework. Not just homework, but scholarship application deadlines, cold/rainy days, and group projects. Iowa why do you do this to me. Alabama was so nice.

Spring Break is officially over and you can feel it on campus. The stress of trying to get everything done before Prelays hits in a couple of weeks is overwhelming. Everyone relaxed way too hard last week and we are collectively feeling the repercussions of it this week. (for example, I just had to spell check repercussions).

On a more exciting note, I just have to make it through this week and then I will be attending my FIRST FRATERNITY FORMAL EVER. I could lie and say I was just always busy during every fraternity formal for the past three years, but the title of this post is “reality,” so this is also my FIRST FRATERNITY FORMAL INVITE EVER. How exciting, right? And it’s in Minnesota, or what many of my classmates here refer to as “God’s country.” So roadtrip, √, fun time with some Sig Ep friends, √, visiting a new place, √, and my friend’s boyfriend lives up there and has cats at his house which might be the most exciting part of the whole trip, √.

The downfall of going to formal is that I’m missing out on mom’s weekend at Kappa this Saturday & Sunday. But it’s okay because I’m lucky enough to have my mother 15 minutes away at all times, so we can just get brunch next week. That’s the bad thing about Drake- there’s always so much going on that you’re bound to be missing out on something at all times. But options are nice.


Spring Break 2015

I spent mine in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was beautiful and I think I was meant for the beach.

We had such a blast- I went down with 14 of my sorority sisters and stayed in a gorgeous beachfront condo. We cooked for ourselves for much of the week (and by that I mean easy mac and fruit) and ate dinner out. I got to try so many new things. Listed below because that’s my style.


I ate fried oysters. I’m in love.

I saw my friend Katie from Chile for the first time since we left last June.

I ate at Hooters. Big fan of the wings, the outfits not so much.


I spent 6 straight days at the beach. Which I hope to repeat at some point in the near future. Heaven.

I collected ‘bama shells. All week. That was a highlight.

Anyways we had a ton of fun, but back to reality, after a short 17 hour car ride home. SB2015 was a success.

kappa juniors

All my dreams take place in Chile

It’s like I’m almost still living there. Every day something reminds me of that place- of the music there, of Santiago, of our favorite spot on Viña’s beach. And every night I wake up there.

I love that I have dreams. I get to relive parts of my trip. And I get to experience new things. Things that never actually happened, but how incredible to be able to see my city again. And my family. And my friends. And that coastline.

I wake up the next morning and am reminded that I’m in the U.S., in smelly Iowa. Where exciting things rarely happen, unless you work to make them happen. You just have to put so much more effort. In Chile, everything was exciting- cutting down an alley to try to find your friend’s apartment, talking to strangers at karaoke night, sitting down at the dinner table to a meal you’ve never seen before. These exciting things happened to you just by walking outside, or down the hall, or to a coffeeshop. I miss experiencing new things. I haven’t experienced new in months.

In my dreams I sit down to dinner with my Chilean family and my Spanish is flawless (my first clue that I’m not in my real life anymore). I speed up and down the coastline at 4 am with new friends in an unfamiliar car, both a memory and a recurring scene in my dreams. I see my friends from the U.S., who I haven’t seen in a year and don’t know when I’ll see some of them again. I spend time in bars and museums and strange city blocks that I most likely invented myself. I’m back where I belong. I can explore and be free again. I’m happy and I’m whole again.