Women’s Leadership Breakfast

Friday morning the CPBA held our women’s leadership breakfast, featuring first lady Madeleine Maxwell as the speaker! (I realize it’s now Tuesday but I’ve been a little under the weather so forgive my tardiness.)

I was approached about a month by Annette Watson, the head of the career center in the college of business, who asked me if I’d like to give Maddy’s introduction, as she’d be speaking at this year’s breakfast. That was the most flattering and terrifying proposition of my life. Maddy has given the introductions (the thoughtful, touching, gracious introductions) for every speaker for, like, the past 6 years I think. And every year they are beautiful and come with the most creative gift. This year, because I was helping with the introduction, I also got to be on the planning committee, who collaborated in order to make this breakfast as special for Maddy as she had made it for the past speakers, as well as special for the student, faculty, and community member attendees.

It was a hit! (I think). My intro was a little shaky but standing in front of a room full of influential women and future business leaders was a little intimidating, who knew. Maddy’s topic of choice was life, and the zigzags that made it so real. It was amazing to get to hear a few of her favorite stories, as well as the incredible events that led her here to Drake. Afterwards, we presented her with two gifts- a “whoopie pie recipe” that was really just a cute description of what makes Drake (complete with whoopie pies for all in attendance) and a bracelet engraved with “True Blue.” Maddy is the truest and bluest first lady we’ve ever had (at least in my past 3 years here…) and the committee was so happy to be able to honor her hard work and dedication here at Drake for the past 16 years.

I think everyone genuinely enjoyed hearing her anecdotes and advice, as well as the amaaazing breakfast Sodexo provided for us (some quiche thing and homestyle potatoes&sweet potatoes and fruit and ham- it was one of the fancier breakfasts I’ve eaten.) I loved being able to be involved in the planning part of the event and hope to be a part of next year’s breakfast as well!

Here’s a picture of some of my fellow house staff employees with Mrs. M herself:

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Big Issues and Critical Thinking at Drake University

So for my Spanish certificate I have to take a class on intercultural communication, and it’s one  of my favorite classes of the semester. This week we’ve been talking about gender roles, specifically within the context of the United States. It has been so interesting to identify the problem areas within this subject, and to analyze the gender roles society has created from a different perspective.

We watched a film called Tough Guise 2, in which one of the big focuses was the media’s role in gender definition. Society has defined our roles, but media supports these roles through their messages. One example the producer used was that when we hear about violence or shootings or fights, if it’s a male, that bit of information is almost always left out. They refer to the participants as “the shooters” or “the youths.” One reason he used to support this was that it is normal in today’s world for men and boys to act violently. The media particularly enjoyed using the phrase “boys will be boys,” which is the only time that gender was brought into the matter.

While genetics and biological factors create differences between men and women, it was interesting to see what other factors have caused men in the U.S. to lean more and more towards violence as a solution- a solution for disrespect, for losing their white privilege, for proving to other men that they are men as well. In fact, the video stated that this wasn’t a learned behavior but rather a “taught” behavior, by the media and by society in general.

I would encourage you to look into this documentary or just the subject in general, as I had never thought about gender roles in this light before and it was really interesting to look at it in this way.

This is one of the things I love about Drake. I’m challenged every day to take a new perspective, and to look at issues through a different lens. I get to think critically and to figure things out. I learn life lessons, such as how society works and how to communicate effectively when facing someone who is maybe a little different than you. One of the most memorable things I heard before coming here was at the new student home reception at the Maxwell’s. I told President Maxwell that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do really and was having a hard time figuring out a major that I wanted. He then informed me that I wouldn’t be learning just one subject here at Drake- instead, I’d be learning how to think critically in all aspects of my life, and how to keep learning even after my four years here. This is an amazing place.

Mardi Gras meets des moines

This past Friday Kappa had our first event of the spring semester. (Speaking of spring, you’re late)

The theme was MARDI GRAS and it was absolutely a blast. Here’s a somewhat (very) blurry picture of how much fun we had: mardi gras

Plus we got to welcome three very special new members into our lives this past week, and even though only one made it to the event, it brought back fond memories of my first kappa event. It happened to be at the exact same venue, just under different ownership back in 0 13 (read- oh thirteen, because that’s the only way to shorten 2013 that makes any actual sense).

If only the weather had measured up to New Orlean’s this past weekend (in the HIGH 50s those lucky dogs). If the subzero temps don’t knock it off soon, I’m going to stop leaving my house.


I applied

FOR ESPANA! This fall. This is the city I’m going to:

salamancaixZ57 ??????????

I applied through AIFS, which is the program I went through to Chile last spring. And I am so excited. I think it will be an incredible experience and I cannot wait. I’m still working out the kinks but I am 95% sure this is actually happening.

Dreams coming true… <3

Mollie’s Study Abroad Adventures: Season 2?

I want to study abroad again. This fall. In Spain this time. And I’m already mapping out the places I want to visit.

This is what each country has to offer me…


-The International Berliner Bierfestival in Berlin (I think this is an arts festival but I don’t speak German so who knows)

-My former exchange student Pia lives, who I can’t wait to see again, in her country this time



-The Eiffel Tower


-Fish & Chips

-Various locations from some of my favorite movies, such as Winning London & What a Girl Wants


-Beautiful views & hills & countrysides


-Salamanca (where I hope to study)

-Tapas in Barcelona

-A Real Madrid fútbol game




-Amazing coastal views and adventures


-Pasta, pizza, & gelato

I know some of these things sound basic but it’s all I can dream about right now. I want to travel everywhere. And what better time than when I have a university fully willing to back my adventures and cultural education? I haven’t applied yet but just think of how amazing this would be.

If you have other places I need to visit or things I can’t miss out on, feel free to comment.

Local Coffee Shops

I can’t get enough really. Of coffee, but also Des Moines’ amazing coffee shops. So I decided to give awards to my favorites.

Smokey Row: Best place to study

Mar’s: Best white mocha

Ritual’s: Best tuxedo brownies

Village Bean: Best smoothies

Zanzibar’s: Idk if they win a “best” award but in their defense I’ve only been their twice so I don’t really know what they’re known for.

Grounds for Celebration: Best iced white mocha

Is it a little bit of betrayal that I’m writing this from inside a Caribou Coffee? Yeah a little but they have this new raspberry dark chocolate mocha and it’s called a love mocha (how cute is that) so I had to try it. Plus they play really good music. And this is midwest local still, right?

These are all just my personal opinions obviously, but you should check some of these out next time you’re visiting the best city in America.

New Opportunity in Marketing&Communications

I’ve loved being a part of the student blogging done here at Drake. So much so that I wanted to get even more involved in the office that brought you these wonderful little glimpses into student lives. I sent an email to Drake M & C a few months ago and asked if there were any new opportunities that would allow me to take on more responsibility.

This all resulted in a PR Internship! My new superior informed me that this may consist of a lot of office work, since they had already filled their social media intern position. That was fine with me because just being in this type of office setting will be so beneficial for deciding the type of career I’m looking for.

Today was day one. I got to the the office ten minutes early because that’s how you impress new employers. Unless they’re not at the office yet. This is fine because it is more realistic for me to arrive at 8:30 exactly on a normal day than ten minutes before. Then I got a quick tour, got to meet some cool people, see some messy/creative/cute cubicles, and get to work! Work today consisted of what I think is called “Niche” Work because you’re trying to find your niche in the office… I could be wrong on that.

I counted pennants. Sixteen hundred of them.

In no way am I complaining though- I am THRILLED to be able to have an opportunity like this, even if it is just helping around the office. The conversations your overhear are really interesting, and it’s awesome to be around people that are so passionate about their work. I’m excited to see what I can learn from this experience.


sNOw place like kappa

This weekend in Des Moines it snowed. But like, a lot. This turned my fellow kappa gams and I into couch potatoes for a few days.

Saturday we watched movies all day. That was the extent of our productivity. (Although some of my more coordinated sistas attempted to learn dance moves from old Disney channel original movies, which is kind of like a work out..)

Then we headed over to sig ep to play in the snow with our friends. It was actually so much fun. We attempted to make hot chocolate at their house afterward but their kitchen is about as well-stocked as you’d expect from a frat house and we are not nearly as domestic as you’d expect for sorority girls. We gave up pretty quickly. But the snow part was fun.

kkg snow daySunday we watched the Superbowl. And I think that was literally all I accomplished all day (Go Pats).

Hope my fellow bulldogs enjoyed their snow days as much as I did! xoxo

Such a diverse class schedule

Sorry (nope) that I’m writing so much about my classes but that’s the most predominant topic on my brain right now.

I am seriously so happy about the class choices I made this semester. So here is my initial review of each class.

Intercultural Communication: I’ve taken two classes with this same professor already, in order to fulfill my requirements for my Spanish certificate. He’s awesome and his classes are so reflective and interesting. I like to write and discuss things and you don’t really do that a ton in the business school, so I’m pretty excited for this. Also, my professor got married over break and he’s like the happiest I’ve ever seen him and it makes ME so happy. Who doesn’t love love?

Field Applications of Marketing Research: This is a night class. So I’m not pumped about this one really since my attention span is not prepared to handle a three hour lecture. But the professor is an adjunct who has a ton of experiential knowledge that I’m excited to learn from. We’ll see how this one goes.

Intro to Finance: This is required for the business core. I’ve put it off for as long as I could. But I like math so I think this will be okay too. Cons: I don’t understand the stock market really, or have any knowledge what those green and red arrows next to unknown abbreviations really signify. & the class is at 8 a.m. Two huge cons but it’s a required course and the professor seems cool so I can deal.

Advanced Spanish: I don’t know the official name to this class. But the name of the textbook is “Tradition and Changes” so it’s like a Latino culture class taught in Spanish. I’m pretty excited for it, since I’m at an “advanced” level now (I need more practice really) and since Latino culture is what got me interested in the language to begin with.

Integrated Marketing Communications: This is my second marketing class of the semester. I’ve heard awesome things about the professor and she seems really cool. However, I’m not a huge fan of public speaking and the first thing we did on the FIRST day of class was a public speaking exercise. We’ll see how this goes.

Astronomy: This is required because I’m at a liberal arts college. I’m not super excited about it because if I’m being completely honest, the universe freaks me out. And it’s at 5:30 at night which is right after I eat dinner and right before I fall asleep in class. I get so tired and this guy rambles a bit. But you can tell he loves astronomy, and I find it much easier to listen to professors that are passionate about the subjects they teach.

So you can see it’s super diverse. I’m excited to have math, writing, discussion, lectures, readings, and presentations in my semester- it’ll definitely keep things interesting.


First Days of School

It actually feels good to be back. Is that weird? My classes yesterday (finance, spanish, & astronomy) seem ok… I’m mostly interested except that astronomy bores me. I like the pictures though. My classes today (two marketing classes and intercultural communications) seem ok too. Everything I’m taking this semester (minus astronomy) are classes I wanted to take, classes that interest me. It’s so weird to me when people act like they hate their classes because like, you chose what classes you were gonna take, why would you choose classes that don’t interest you?

Yesterday felt very productive. Mostly because I woke up at 7 a.m. and anytime I’m awake before 10, it’s a productive day. I had classes, coffee, work, read a chapter of my book, finished unpacking, had a healthy dinner at kappa (which isn’t always possible), and finished the day off pretty happy. If that’s just my first day, then I actually am really excited for the rest of the semester. Just praying I get enough sleep. My friends and I got the best & worst room in the house. The best because there’s literally so much room. And our own bathroom. The worst because it’s right next to the loudest place in the house and we all like really value our sleep. That’s the only thing I’m worried about right now. Which if that’s my biggest problem, I think I’ll be okay. Worst comes to worst I’ll invest in a pair of ear plugs and sleep like a baby.

Wish me luck on busy-day-back number two. I have a night class tonight and I’m not fully confident my attention span can last 3 hours straight.