Top Ten Reasons I Love Drake

10. All the ways to get involved and connected on campus! College is a totally new world, and at some schools it’s really hard to get connected and involved, especially as a freshman. At Drake though, it was so easy for me to jump right in. They have an activities fair at the beginning of the year to make sure you know all your options for involvement. In addition to that, new clubs have continued to pop up throughout my first year here. This year, for example, students began a weightlifting club and a rockclimbing club. There’s so much to do here, and if you don’t find anything you’re interested in, it’s so easy to start your own thing!

9. Porterhouse… <3 This could be all ten reasons, honestly.

8. The campus: After visiting some of the larger state schools, such as ISU, I completely fell in love with their walkways and old buildings. Visiting Drake was a totally different feeling. It’s much smaller than the state schools I had seen, which I wasn’t sure that I liked until I began here. Once classes started, and the longest walk I had was about two blocks to my Spanish class, I knew I made the right choice. There is so much within walking distance! The cafeteria is like 20 feet from my dorm, and Starbucks is just right across the street. That’s my kind of set-up. On top of the easy access to all the buildings on campus, the campus itself is so beautiful! I love the uniqueness of each building, as well as the huge dorm rooms. If you haven’t visited the campus, you need to ASAP.

7. The employment opportunities: Not only does are there great employment opportunities offered within the university, Drake also makes it really easy to find job opportunities from outside employers as well. This is especially true within the college of business I think. They are always posting new job listings on CareerBlueprint, as well as sharing within our classes if they know of any upcoming opportunities. The job I got at Target this semester came about because the assistant dean presented an opportunity in one of my classes of interviewing with a Target exec. Then, through a career fair that the college of business held, I met with my interviewer and had a chance to discuss my future at their store! This kind of stuff doesn’t happen at every school.

6. The administrative support. As well as promoting job opportunities within our community, the staff in the college of business is so awesome about helping you with the application and follow-up processes. When I applied at a job downtown last fall, Annette Watson, who is in charge of the Career Services department in my college, was so helpful about how to write my cover letter, what I needed to adjust on my resume, when to send them a follow-up email, etc. I am so glad I chose Drake, just because of the amazing way the administration helps prepare us for our futures!

5. The city: Des Moines! Get rid of any preconceived notions you have about the midwest, Iowa, or Des Moines. Yes, there are corn fields about twenty minutes outside the city, but that does not mean we are all farmers or hicks! I am the biggest city girl, and would prefer to gaze at the DM skyline over amber waves of grain any day. I mean, I would never try to compare us to a legit big city like Chicago, but Des Moines does have a lot to offer. Four malls, a buzzing nightlife, and about a billion coffeeshops: what more could you ask for!?

4. The professors: The biggest downfall about big state schools, besides the campus size, are the class sizes. Here, the class sizes are so small that you really get to know your professors. They all have office hours and it is so easy to find a time to meet up with them. If you are struggling with something in a class, all you have to do is shoot your prof an email and he or she is always more than happy to set up a time with you to help you at. This is so valuable with the level of difficulty college classes bring, and something you definitely don’t want to take for granted.

3. RELAYS. A week long celebration of DU. I. Can’t. Wait.

2. The academics: Like I mentioned above, class sizes can be really big at some state schools. Here, I’m in a Spanish class that consists of 6 other people. In other words, I’m actually learning Spanish here. Everything is so much more personal which really helps you learn the material. On top of that, academics is the number one priority for everyone at Drake. At one of my campus jobs, they make sure that I know that if I have a big test to study for or a project due the next day, THAT comes first, not my job. I love being at a school that is really centered around academics.

1. The people! Once you visit, you’ll know. It is awesome to be around so many like-minded people that all want to make a difference in the world. It gives me so much hope for the future, as well as pride in my school! I have made so many friendships in my first year here that I know will last me a lifetime.

It’s a little lengthy, but this is just the beginning of why Drake is so amazing, which you will see as you continue to follow my posts :) Thanks for reading!


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