Post Relays Status Report

Relays was a blast, as was expected, but I am now officially completely drained!

Thursday I got to sit in on the BOT Institutional Advancement committee meeting, which was pretty cool. They talked mostly about alumni relations, and how to make sure people stayed connected and involved once they leave campus after their four years. I’m so glad my school makes an effort to reach out to alum. Relays is just one example of all the ways alum can get involved, and I can’t wait to come back in 5, 10, 30 years to watch the races and catch up with old friends. After the meeting, we had an alumni event for AKPsi, and it was great to get to meet some of my graduated brothers!! 

Friday I actually got to watch some of the races, with some of my favorite people, my family <3


Later, some of my friends from the south side & West Des Moines came with me to the Court ave. concert. The whole night was a blast, we met some awesome alum and made some amazing memories.

Saturday started with a kappa alumni brunch, and it was fun to hear about what kappa and Drake were like 40 years ago from one alum. Then I had to work from 1-10, so that was kind of a bummer on the last day of relays, but I love my job so it’s cool. I met up with some friends afterwards and ended relays strong. 

Sunday, my sister and I participated in the road race that HyVee held. We ran the half marathon in 1:45. Just kidding, we walked the 6k in 59 minutes, (: It was really fun though, and I’m glad I got the chance to hang out with her at a Drake event one more time before she starts rotations in the fall! Much love kimberly (: After the race we had brunch with my dad and his college roommate’s family.

Relays was just really amazing, and I’m so blessed to have the family and friends that I have. It makes me sad that I’ll be abroad next spring during this time, but I’ll have years and years of relays to make up for it (: 


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