The Post-Relays Pre-Finals Purgatory

This week has been insane. I did little to no work last weekend, so I really had to buckle down to get back on track before finals. I only had one exam and two final projects this week, but it still felt like a ton of work. Next week will be about the same, but hopefully with some final studying interlaced among the homework and tests our teachers are providing for us. The only thing that is keeping me going during this time are the White Chocolate Mochas that I’m getting in Olmsted every other hour, thank the Lord for leftover flex dollars. 

It’s the weirdest week to be on campus. Not only because the workload keeps fluctuating, with one day being overwhelming and the next day having nothing, but also because of our bipolar Iowa weather. Tuesday afternoon I was rockin the shorts and tshirt as it was 82 degrees and sunny. By Thursday, I was back in my winter coat, trying to keep out the friendly blizzard that is traveling through Des Moines. Today is Friday, May 3rd, and there are 50 shades of pure white covering every surface of our campus. 

In other P-R P-F P news, we had our last meeting of the 26th session of Drake Student Senate last night. It was the cutest meeting ever, and they even had a special “motion” that thanked all of the senators who wouldn’t be returning to the table in the fall. I absolutely LOVED student senate and I can’t wait to jump back in my junior year. I didn’t run for reelection this year because I’ll be studying abroad next Spring and didn’t think it would be fair to only serve half of my term. This past year was such an awesome experience though. I’m so glad I got involved on a committee in the fall and had the chance to become the Community Outreach Senator this past Spring. I learned so much about Drake, Senate, leadership, and myself in general. My duties as Senator aren’t exactly over yet, as we have the Goodwill Moving Out and Giving Back event next weekend, and the food drive for the Food Bank of Iowa the week after that. I will be sure to update you on the progress and outcome of those events as well, so stay tuned. (: 

Until then, enjoy the weather wherever you are. I’m actually kind of liking the snow here, mother nature is just trying to switch things up, which is respectable. And to all of my Drake readers, get off the internet and start studying! (If only I could take my own advice)



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