Exploring Des Moines

I’ve mentioned before my love for coffee/coffeeshops, and if you continue to follow this blog you will notice it’s a common theme for me. Fair warning.

One of my favorite things about Des Moines are all of the cool local coffeeshops that are here. I went to study at Ritual’s Cafe on Monday, which has this kind of alternative, funky vibe. Β When I tweeted about being there, one of my friends responded by saying I needed to take her along next time I went. I usually try to switch it up and go to a different coffeeshop every day (or sometimes it’s every other day… nah let’s be real, every day), so I told her we’d go on an adventure the next day to a new coffeeshop. On Tuesday, my friends Sarah, Courtney and I visited West End Architectural Salvage & Coffee Shop, this weird place on the south side of downtown that sells cool architectural things, and coffee. It was great; such an interesting place, and they made a delish iced white mocha. If you live in Des Moines and haven’t tried it yet, then you should probably make a visit there asap!Β 

While we were there, my friend Courtney, who is staying here over the summer, and I decided to come up with a coffeeshop bucket list! So, this summer, we plan on visiting the following places together:

-The Village Bean

-Java Joe’s

-Ritual’s Cafe


-Smokey Row

-Mar’s Cafe

-Grounds for Celebration

-Cafe Diem


-La Barista


If anyone has any other suggestions to add to our list, I’d LOVE to hear them. Doing research for this bucket list, I discovered a few places that even I hadn’t heard of, which was a bit of a shock and a disappointment for me. Hopefully after this summer, we will have discovered every coffeeshop in Des Moines and completed our bucket list. Wish us luck!Β 


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