Moving Out & Giving Back

One of the things I spent the most time on this semester was planning and carrying out Drake/Goodwill’s Moving Out & Giving Back event. As Community Outreach senator, there were really lax expectations, just that I needed to do SOMETHING in my semester of service to help Drake students give back to the Des Moines community. Besides the Book Bash during relays and the Food Drive we are holding currently, my committee and I held a clothing/item drive last Thursday, Friday and Saturday for Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa. I was approached by a Goodwill rep last February about holding an event like this and I thought it sounded so cool- we would have a few trucks on campus during move out week so that students could have a place to put their belongings that they would rather not cart back home with them. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we were not allowed to hold the event during move out week, which is why we held it this past weekend. It was not as successful as I think it would’ve been if held this week, but I think it was still a really cool event and definitely a good foot in the door for next year! I won’t be the community outreach senator at that time (I chose not to run for a senate position since I will be going abroad next spring), but I have full faith in Emily Grimm, my replacement, to hold an even more successful event than this one.

It was an interesting experience to plan an entire event, and I’m so glad I had my awesome committee to help me. They were there and willing to help every step of the way! The hardest part for me, besides finding volunteers this close to finals, was thinking through every single detail. It was definitely a good thing for me though, as I’m not the most organized person (seriously, you should see my room…) and this kind of forced me to get organized (not with my room, that’s still a mess). 

Thanks again to everyone that helped out and donated! If you missed the event, you still have an opportunity to give back. There will boxes in every residence hall (minus Ross, sorry) for you to donate (unopened) food that you don’t want to take back home with you! 


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