Move Out Day

This post is a little delayed, but so was my move out, so it’s kind of fitting. My mom walked into my room on Friday morning and, following a few seconds of stunned silence, asked if I had known I was moving out that day. Very funny. I knew I was moving out, but my tornado of a room was just too overwhelming and I had no clue where to start. Also, packing up my entire life was a little bit more emotional than I had prepared for.

My first year seriously just flew by. Move in day was SO exciting (so incoming freshmen, get pumped), but move out day felt like it came, like, the next day. The only difference is I had a lot more shoes and clothes to unpack when I got home. Online shopping was kind of my thing this year.

Still, move out day was exciting in it’s own way. I survived my first year! As many struggles as I had this year, I had many more successes. I made so many fun memories in those freshman dorms and I hope the occupants of Herriott 208 will be able to say the same next May. I also hope they’ll be able to keep the room a little tidier. (good luck though, the room like WANTS to be messy)

Now I’m back on the south side, where I belong, and everyone that left for school last fall is back as well. I’m so excited to be reunited with my old friends, & I’m looking forward to a chill summer with them. Catch us at the beach Monday-Friday, xoxo


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