Many Hats

I love when people ask me if I have a job. My usual response is “Mhm, a few.” If I don’t feel like explaining myself, however, I’ll just tell them about my Target job, which is where I work the most hours (paid, at least). Here is a short explanation of the many different hats I wear as a DU student & employee.

Hat #1: GSA at Target. GSA stands for like guest service attendant I believe, and it basically means that I help out at the front lanes, whether that is with getting a cashier extra bags or helping a customer with an issue. It’s a lot of fun, and good leadership experience for me right now. 

Hat #2: Housestaff at the Maxwell Home. This job is AWESOME. President and Mrs. Maxwell are the best, first off. Second, I love that every time I come into work, I’m doing something different, whether it’s taking Gus for a walk, ironing table cloths, or serving food at an event. I am so fortunate to have gotten this job, and definitely owe it to my big sister Kim (hey thanks).

Hat #3: This blogging job! This job is so sweet. I get to write about whatever I want and I get PAID for it. On top of that, I get to tell people how amazing Drake University is! That’s not even a job, I do that like every time anyone asks me about my school. (My sister also hooked me up with this job… I’d basically be lost without her.)

Hat #4: I found out this semester that I get to be a part of the IB Young Scholars Research Assistant program. (I’m not sure if that’s the legit name but I think I’m pretty close). We had our first meeting before school was out and I’m totally pumped to get started. Not only this will help me figure out how I want to focus my International Business major, it will also help to further my writing and researching skills. 

Hat #5: Student Body President Intern. I was really bummed that I wouldn’t be able to run for Senate this next year due to my study abroad plans for the spring. However, David Karaz, our awesome new student body president for the 2013-14 school year, offered me this position so that I could continue to stay involved in Senate. I’m so excited to help out in any way that I’m needed this year and can’t wait to see what’s in store!

These are all my “hats,” and I love every one of them. I especially love how different they all are, and how each of them will help shape me into a more well-rounded business professional. 


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