That IB Lyfe

International Business has got to be the coolest major, I swear. It’s so unique, and there are so many opportunities to explore the field. It was the perfect major for me, because while I get to dive right in to the business world, I also get the chance to learn about other cultures, something I am REALLY passionate about.  

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently involved in the Young Scholars International Business Research Project (still unsure if this is the real name..). Over the summer, we have 4 seminars scheduled to discuss theory, research methods, and international business topics, in order to prepare us for the year. We had our first seminar of the summer on Monday. The topic was “theory,” and we had a few research papers to read before we came. It was such an awesome experience to be able to sit down with 4 other students and 2 professors and have an engaged conversation about theory.

At Drake, in my classes so far, I haven’t dealt a lot with this topic. I’ve dealt a lot with accounting, and economics, and Spanish, but not theory. As tough as accounting was for me this year, I’d take that over theory any day. Accounting is concrete: there are steps and formulas that give you the end product you’d like. Theory however, is much more vague. It was so beneficial to be able to hash out what theory is and isn’t with other academics. New vocabulary was introduced, as well as new ways of thinking, and I’m overly excited to start research on a theory paper of my own. As challenging as it sounds, I think it will be a great opportunity to improve my writing and investigate a topic that I am passionate about. 

The fact that this kind of thing is even offered to undergraduates is just another reason Drake is so amazing. At any other school, this type of project would not be offered, especially to a freshman. Most people have to wait until graduate school, and even then they don’t get as hands on in the research process as Professors Mitchell & Kappen are telling us we will. (Unless you count getting coffee and writing progress reports hands on. I don’t. That sounds extra boring.) I cannot wait to see what this new experience has to offer!


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