Farmer’s Market Fun

Two things make waking up early on a Saturday morning worth it for me; cartoons & the farmer’s market. This blog post is obviously not about Saturday morning cartoons, as I hope you picked up from the title, but they deserve the biggest shoutout ever for making my childhood Saturday mornings exciting. Thank you Recess, Thank you Pepper Ann.

If you’ve never been to a farmer’s market, then you are missing out on a huge show of community. In Des Moines at least, so many people come out to support local farms and businesses, and to visit with their fellow urbanites. Yesterday was especially busy since it was one of the first nice days of the summer. I finally got to see the love of my life / Alpha Kappa Psi brother / soul mate Courtney Seeke after being separated for almost two entire weeks! Here is a snapshot of our adventure:


We filled up on coffee, breakfast pizza, & strawberry smoothies, so it was basically the perfect morning. We saw like a billion dogs, all of which were way cuter than mine. There was also live music and dancing; one brave soul was even tap danced on the street corner, and totally killed it! Then Courtney bought one tomato (which I thought was so funny, like I have never just bought one of any fruit or vegetable) & a few other farm fresh items. She was extra excited to go to the farmer’s market because she’s living here on her own over the summer and will have to feed herself.

Every Drake student should experience the farmer’s market at least once. It’s so much fun, and there are tons of food options, which was definitely the biggest draw for me. Go check it out!


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