How To Be A Lady

A how-to for classy women, from my own personal experiences these past 19 years of my life.

#1. Smile. Frowning is for grumpy old men. Ladies are experts at finding something good in everything. And if that seems impossible, ladies are also experts at pretending. 

#2. Pinkies out. Drink whatever your drinking like you’re the queen of England, from apple juice out of a sippy cup to sparkling grape juice from a wine glass. (: Cheers. 

#3. Get organized. Trust me on this one, as I am very experienced in the unorganized department. Ladies have their stuff together. They are calm, cool, and collected at all times. This is a lot harder to do when your room looks like it was hit by some sort of super tornado/hurricane combination and you are fashionably late not in attendance at any of your classes or appointments. 

#4. Don’t swear. It’s unattractive, and definitely unladylike. There are two exceptions to this- if you stub your toe, or if you are driving behind someone that is driving 28 mph in a 30 mph zone. How annoying.

#5. Dress, um, politely. Every day, dress as though you were heading to meet your grandparents. It is not that hard to look model & modest in the same outfit. There is also an exception to this rule, and that would be Saturday night. 

#6. Do not argue. It’s unbecoming on a lady. This is not to say always give in to others’ opinions. Pick your battles, and when you’re sure your way is the best way, be firm and final with what you say.

#7. Wear heels. 

#8. Look alive. Spend enough time on yourself in the morning that you don’t look asleep when you walk out to face the world. This doesn’t mean layers on layers of make up or a fresh manicure each day. This just means you should put some thought into what you look like when you leave your house. The Bride of Frankenstein was not a lady. See Seventeen mag for more helpful hints on how to look like a lady on a money and/or time constricted budget.

#9: Give thanks. Ladies always recognize those that help them out. This is something I need to work on personally, as I have yet to send out my grad party thank-yous (so sorry!).

It is a personal goal of mine to be klassy (#kkg) in every aspect of my life, and I hope these guidelines can help you to do the same. 



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