guess which midwestern state has the coolest beach

IT’S IOWA. Just because we are a landlocked state does not mean we can’t dam a river and pretend we’re livin’ chill, easy-going, sun-filled lives like our distant American cousins, the Californians. Raccoon River is the most fun you can have in Iowa. That’s actually an exaggeration but just go with me. It’s not too crowded usually (unless it’s the fourth of July) and it’s free. Not that I ever actually go in the water. This is not the Pacific, it’s a dirty, fish-filled, fresh-water river. So clearly that’s not the attraction for my friends and I. 

Raccoon River Beach is just a really great place to lay out, chill with friends, toss a frisbee (jk i don’t mess with frisbee), and enjoy a refreshing tropical sno (omg yum).


&we’re heading back on Friday for take 2! Love my life, ahh <3



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