Discovering Des Moines

Today, my friends Cindy, Kerry, and I discovered a new pool just west of downtown (Ashworth pool). I feel a little bit like Columbus. Like all of the great explorers before us, we had a bit of a difficult time along the journey. After Cindy missed our exit (she’s like a really bad driver), we ended up lost in Beaverdale, and Siri redirected us back to the Roosevelt area. Our navigation kept telling us “you’ve arrived at your destination,” but we were in the middle of some random neighborhood each time. I finally ended up googling Ashworth, and figured out from there that we were on the wrong side of the interstate. Like 30 minutes into our mini-roadtrip, we finally found the pool. It was just past the art center and this sweet like park/pond deal, at the end of 45th street, surrounded by forest. So random.

Anyways, we stayed for like an hour before we decided we couldn’t deal with the small size and lack of deck chairs. If you have more patience for splashy children or a higher tolerance for laying out on concrete, this is probably, like, your ideal pool, especially since it cost $2 to get in. We don’t have either of those things, however, so we ended up driving back to the south side to our fave south side aquatics center, which also cost just $2. I love Des Moines. Image


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