What is there to even do here…

^ That is one of my least favorite questions. I’ve said over and over how amazing Des Moines is, and so obviously it bugs me when people just write it off without even giving it a chance. My assumption is (and I’m not 100 percent, this is just a guess) that you probably come to Drake from a city. And all cities are pretty similar honestly. Des Moines has some unique things, like 80/35 that I wrote about in my last post, the I-Cubs, the sculpture park, etc. But other than that, whatever you enjoyed in your hometown, you can probably do the same here! I’m not gonna list everything Des Moines has to offer because, like, look around wherever you are right now and it’s probably the same.

Some freshmen come and spend their entire first year in their room. What a blast huh? Besides all the cool places you can walk to (Mars Cafe, the Varsity Theater, Friedrich’s, etc), Des Moines has a (not very good) bus system that, if you can figure out, will take you to more fun places (: Otherwise, buddy up with one of the smart freshmen that brought a car and go on adventures together. It’s a love story in the making (you & Des Moines, I mean).

Here’s Des Moines’ government website that can tell you all about our parks, our events, etc.


Open up your mind and give Des Moines a chance. We’re friendly here, and the city has lots to offer (:

Sierra Exif JPEG

(Gray’s Lake at night, photo cred to dmgov.org)



2 thoughts on “What is there to even do here…

  1. My favorite quote, from every Chicagoan: “I bet you’re stoked you’re visiting Chicago because Des Moines is like the most boring place on earth.” No, actually, I love Des Moines and have a blast there too! Why does everyone think we’re all cornfields and cattle?!

    • Exactly! I had someone ask me what we did on weekends in Iowa. Is that even a real question? I told him we mostly just watched corn grow. If you’re not going to take Iowa seriously I’m DEFINITELY not going to take you seriously! I’m glad you understand!!

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