Throwback Friday

The Backstreet Boys were so underrated. Like go listen to this song and tell me you don’t love it… & then I’ll tell you you’re a liar.

Also just wanna throw it out there that their As Long As You Love Me is like ten times better than JBiebs’ similarly titled song. Sorry not sorry.

While I’m on the subject of the best boy band in history, I recently saw the This is the End, and the only part of the entire movie I approved of was when the BSB showed up and performed their hit song Everybody. It almost redeemed the horrible story line and mediocre acting. (I’m like a really good movie critic.)

Another band that was really underrated was Click 5. In 4th grade that band was like the center of my universe. Pop Princess has been stuck in my head for DAYS. If you haven’t heard it, shame on you, but here ya go:

And then there’s this winner: 

If I heard Click 5 was in town, I would drop whatever I was doing and make SURE I was at their show. I mean, I’m not as love struck as I was in elementary school, but I do still have their autographed cd from when I saw them at Val Air with Aaron Carter (don’t even get me started omg). 

Today I think everyone should break out some oldies. And by oldies I obviously mean 90s boy bands. You’ll thank me later.

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