Rez Life

So this week, three friends of mine and I are visiting the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota. We’ve taken this trip with our church for the past 5 years, but this year is a bit different. For our 6th year, since we are no longer youth group kids, we weren’t allowed to go with our church group. Instead, my friend Mario sent out an email to all the fresh graduates asking if we’d be interested in planning our own trip. For the past two months now we’ve been planning this, and it’s finally happening tomorrow!

Since we first visited the reservation and formed these lifelong relationships with the kids up there, this week quickly became my favorite out of the year. As I have said before, other cultures absolutely amaze me, and getting to experience theirs is so amazing. Two years ago, they invited us to join them for a pow wow at Big Bend, which was just so cool.

Besides the awesome cultural experience, however, this missions trip has always been a great spiritual trip as well. It’s so important to thank God every day for what you have and how He has blessed you. When we go up there, it makes me appreciate my relatively easy life even more. Along with that, I love being able to show the kids up there love. Rez life can be really hard- I’m not sure if you’ve seen any statistics regarding the circumstances on reservations, but it’s pretty dreary. Suicide, alcoholism, and drug abuse is common. Hope is rare. And that’s why we go, to show them that there is hope for a future, and there is someone out there who loves them, SO much.Β 

I cannot wait for this week to get started and will have a full report of the trip on Saturday (:


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