Rez Wrap Up

So the trip to South Dakota was AWESOME. I love going up there so much, it’s almost hard to put into words. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last post, but this was our sixth year up to the Crow Creek Reservation. We usually go with a larger group from our church, but this year we were on our own. The team consisted of me (obvs), Ashli, a sophomore at Iowa, Mario, a fellow Drake sophomore, and Alec, a sophomore at ISU. We made it up there Monday night after a very long car ride with minimal stops (although we HAD to stop at Al’s Oasis, it’s tradition).

This is not a real horse. Image

When we got up to the church we were staying at, some friends that live on the reservation met up with us and took us down to the boat dock to swim for a little bit. So relaxing, and such a beautiful place.

Day 2, we headed over to the boys & girls club in Ft. Thompson and helped throw this sweet event with the local coordinator and some community members. The event was a youth entrepreneurial day, where kids had the chance to have their own “businesses” and sell their products or services. They also had inflatables and a zipline. It was huge for the town and everyone who went had a blast. 

Elaine and I really enjoyed the bounce house. We were both too scared to do the zipline. 

ImageAfter the event was over, we headed down to the river to swim with some friends and had a pretty chill night. Ash and I made spaghetti, which is funny because I can’t cook. I was mostly moral support. 

Day 3 we went back to the boys and girls club to hang out with some of the kids and talk about Christ with them. 

Macy (on the left) and I met the second year we went up and is one of my fave people to visit (:ImageHere’s us back in ’09, she’s on the right:ImageShe has grown up a TON. The other girl in the first picture is Raven, Macy’s cousin and a new friend this year. 

After the boys and girls club, we headed back to the church for their service. We learned about idolatry which was kind of an eye opening lesson. When that was over, Ash and I decided to go for a swim. We stayed at the beach until it got dark and then had the boys come and walk us back. Such gentlemen.

Thursday we went with the kids at the club back down to Chamberlain to go to the pool. Image

At any given moment there were at least 2 kids hanging off of each of us. We shopped around a bit in Chamberlain when we were done, and then headed back up to the rez. We spent Thursday night making bracelets and writing out what the colors meant, to give to the kids on Friday.Image

Friday we headed back to the beach. (I’m pretty sure I spent more time in the water this past week than the rest of the summer combined, I was like a fish) We brought popsicles and bracelets and shared with the kids. We also headed to the local disabled/old persons’ home and left some tracts. That night, we went up to this beautiful lookout spot to watch the sunset.ImageIt was beautiful. Here’s the team; I’ve grown so close with these three over the past 6 years and loved getting a chance to serve with them again. <3 #WeCantStopImageSorry for the looooong post, but I couldn’t really leave any part out. So enjoy :) 



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