So Ragbrai came through Des Moines this week. For those of you out-of-staters that have never heard of this fine tradition, Ragbrai is an annual bike-ride across the beautiful state of Iowa. Ragbrai stands for Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. (I had to google it.) I’ve never really paid much attention to Ragbrai, because I don’t think it usually comes through Des Moines? And also, I can’t ride a bike so I held like zero interest for an event like this. 

It seems like a cool thing to do though, if you like bikes or biking or long stretches of corn-stalked countryside (pass). HyVee hosted an event downtown for all the bikers passing through on Tuesday night, so some friends and I went, not really knowing what to expect. What we found down on Court Ave. were a lot of (older (like older than us, not ancient)) bikers ready to hear some Filter & Sponge (those are band names….) We were a little bit out of our comfort zone, but I got to see one of my coworkers from Target, so that was fun, and we also got to pretend like we enjoyed hardcore rock music. #RockOn

The event also had a free photobooth, which was so cute! Here are the results:Image

Two of the girls I went with are from Germany, just visiting for a few weeks, so it was nice to have something to take them to on a normal Tuesday night. Rock music wasn’t really their thing either. I think the highlight of their night was seeing a man with a shirt on that had German writing on it. If that tells you anything about our love of rock. My highlight was seeing one of the guitarists perform the entire set without any shirt at all (Idk if I’m allowed to talk about shirtless guys on this blog? Eh.)

ImageSo yeah Ragbrai’s pretty cool.



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