Starbucks Certified

Today I was Starbucks certified like pinch me is this real life?! This means I can certifiably make you a cup of the best coffee in the world. While my main job title at Target will remain GSA, I am super excited to be able to work over in our licensed Starbucks store as well! We went through a ton of the training today and I got to learn so much about my fave corporation on the planet.

Like did you know… Starbucks is named after Starbuck in Moby Dick, a book I will most likely never read because it sounds horribly boring, but a classic nonetheless. Apparently, this Starbuck guy was a crewmember of this whaling ship, and a coffee addict. (The fact that he’s a coffee addict may just be a rumor? Like I said, never read the book, but that’s what the internet is telling me.)

Another thing I find really interesting is how much they have expanded in the past 40 years. They went from a little coffeeshop in Seattle to a worldwide powerhouse, with more than 17,000 locations to date. How amazing is that. (Also, if you’re curious, they opened their first Starbucks in Chile in 2003, so I will survive next Spring in South America(:

And have you read their mission statement!? “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” (The extended version of their mission statement can be found here>> & it’s totally worth reading. Too cool.)

They are also all about being a responsible company. In some of the reading I’m doing for my IBiz research paper right now, the phrase CSR has come up multiple times. This means “corporate social responsibility,” and Starbucks has made it one of their priorities to live this out, with ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly goals for the future. They’re just such a cool company. 

All throughout high school (& this past year at Drake), I’ve been on the other side of the espresso bar, taking advantage of the exceptional customer service, the unique ambience of each store, and the delish coffee. Now, it’s so awesome to be able to see Starbucks is just as great on the other side. And now, I have the chance to be able to pay it forward, and make everyone else’s experience the same as mine. I don’t even care how lame this article sounds,  I just totally admire Starbucks and am so excited/honored to be able to rock the green apron (:

Judge me. I’m going to be the best, most bubbly barista you ever met, #Hairflip. xoxo,


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