515 Alive

515 Alive was Saturday night. Again, if you’re not from Des Moines, 515 Alive is a lot like 80/35 (see my post from a few weeks ago). It’s like this music festival/party in the East Village of downtown. My expectations were pretty high when we got there and the line to get in was like a full city block long. But 15 minutes and 20 dollars later, my dreams were crushed. It was like, way lame. I have no idea why they charged 20 bucks? So dumb. I mean I still had fun, because I could basically have fun anywhere. I was still a little salty that I wasted that much money. But there were mimes there. And a three legged dog. And lots of people dancing. So that was cool. 

Next year they should either charge less or have like more security guards. We sat near the entrance to wait for a friend and saw like 20 people sneak in. 

The best part of the night was Abelardo’s afterwards #yum (if you’ve never heard of this bomb restaurant, it’s Des Moines’ crown jewel (after Drake obvi) and should be at the top of your list of places to visit. you’re welcome)

That’s all, xoxo <3


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