antm aka the loml

I LOVE ANTM. If you don’t know what antm is, stop reading. You won’t understand half of this post and you don’t deserve to share in my joy from this brand new cycle (CYCLE 20!!!) Image

America’s Next Top Model is the best show on the planet. It is the only reality show I would ever be proud to be on. Sadly, I’m 5′ 4″ & can’t model/walk in heels/tooch/say no to food. I’m a pro at dat smize doe.

Antm has had a bunch of different themes. Some of my faves were the college cycle, the superstar cycle, and the petite cycle (aka the shawties), probably because I’m all three, ayee.

This cycle they’re switching things up by adding boys into the mix. As if I didn’t already love this show too much. I am SO so excited to see how it all turns out (: I’ve already decided who I love and who I hate, and I’ve only seen the first episode. (If you were wondering, LOVE Jeremy <3 & Cory & Kanani, HATE Alexandra (um hello she is basically Alexandria from cycle 16 they even have the same name how has no one noticed that!?) & then I’m unsure about Jourdan, because she’s kind of snotty and she’s prettier than me.

Here’s some eye candy for you, you’re welcome:


Don’t worry followers, I’ll let you know how the season ends, xoxo


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