So I love Drake. But it’s so expensive. Everything that I’m getting out my experience here is so worth it, but I wish it was easier to pay for. Even after my scholarships, grants, and government loans, I still have to take out a private loan. With school starting in a few weeks, and the letter denying my request for a private loan coming in the mail last Friday, the pressure is kind of on. I hate taking out loans at all, because I’ll be paying those off for years, but it’s necessary if I want to continue here at Drake. I’m hoping this all gets magically fixed, there’s probably like a student loan fairy godmother somewhere and if I click my heels twice she’ll come to my rescue. I’ll try that and let you know.

For all of the incoming freshmen & high schoolers, I would seriously encourage you to research all of the scholarships available to you. There are scholarships available for every major, race, school, gender, etc, and you can find tons online throughout the year. The website I’ve used in the past has been scholarships.com. It’s really easy to narrow down which scholarships you qualify for and apply right there. It’s definitely a good place to start. Also, Drake has scholarships available, and the high school you’re coming from probably has a lot of opportunities as well.Ā 

But never give up on school just because of money issues. If you’re determined enough, if college is your dream, there’s always a way to make it work. <3


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