The Freshman 15

My sister is the wisest (most wise?)

kimberly askren

With school starting up next Monday, I figured I would compile a list of things I wish I had known going into my freshman year at Drake….my very own freshman 15 :) Some of these lessons I gained from personal experiences, others from watching the people around me adjust to college life!

and here we go!

#1: May as well start with the most obvious one: you do NOT have to gain the freshman 15 ;) Drake now has TWO wonderful gyms that have all the equipment necessary to keep you fit and healthy! In the new Olmsted gym, there are even little TVs on all the treadmills and stuff (or so I hear….(; ). AND if you’re not the self-motivating type, there are classes spread throughout the week at the Bell Center that are actually pretty good. You can do Zumba, Pilates, Cardio Kick-Boxing, and many more!

#2: The…

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