Move In Day (Take 2)

So last year, move in day was one of the most terrifying/exciting experiences of my life. I was on my own for the first time EVER, meeting new people and trying to figure out how the year was gonna pan out. One of the things I found most challenging was living at a dorm in the city I grew up in. Everyone else came from out of town and didn’t know Des Moines as well, but I was stuck between two worlds trying to make time for my best friends from high school as well as my new friends I had yet to make. Thankfully, everyone on my floor was awesome and it was not hard at all to find people I got along with. It was still a struggle to split time with my fave townies and my new freshmen friends. Thankfully, I figured out a good balance by the end of first semester and was able to have the best of both worlds second semester (call me hannah montana, minus the secret popstar). 

This year was a lot less nerve-wracking. I feel like I know more what I’m doing. My biggest stress on move in day was how to get my futon up 3 flights of stairs (Morehouse doesn’t have an elevator). I had a couple of amazing helpers though, so s/o to Kallie & Brooke & Ashli & Adrienne (&my dad and stepmom) for making moving back super easy for me. I am now all moved in to the cutest room in Morehouse, like I seriously love it. It’s sad not being ini Ross or GK, because the rooms are so big and literally almost every sophomore lives there, but Morehouse has so much history! And real closets, score.

But seriously, whenever I tell someone I live in Morehouse, they look at me like I have a disease. Mostly because Morehouse was everyone’s last choice, including ours. We ended up having really bad lottery numbers, but I’m not one to look at the glass half empty.

Silver linings: the fire alarm doesn’t go off every 3 days here; I only have one roommate aka more privacy, we live at the very end of the hall aka more privacy, I have a closet with like storage space, I have an awesome roommate, I’m right between the library and the business building, and sooo many kappas/cool people live on my floor (: 

It’s so chill here I might never leave. 


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