What hurts the most…

Is being so close…

& Quad Creek Cafe is STILL NOT OPEN. (If you weren’t singing after those first two lines there’s probs something wrong with you) I mean it was open for like a couple of hours today and yesterday maybe, but not when I’m craving one of their flame chicken wraps.

It is literally the only thing on campus I like to eat. I mean that’s a lie, but chicken wraps and burritos from quad really kept me going last semester. Like I’m pretty sure that’s all I ate?

I hate Hubble. Like so bad. Unfortunately I was stuck eating hubble for breakfast this morning, and for dinner this evening. (It really wasn’t that bad but I feel like if I’m dramatic enough maybe someone will be like “we should get better food for our students maybe”) Like is it too much to ask that when ALL of the students are back on campus that the dining facilities be open?? No. It’s not too much to ask. Because when 2 o’clock comes around and I decide I want a chicken wrap, I want to be able to go to Quad and get my chicken wrap.

Good news is that I think it’s back to a normal schedule on Monday! Which is two short days, hallelujah. Quad is basically like a five star establishment on a college level rating system, and chicken wraps are my little bit of heaven on this campus. <3 

Chicken wrap chef, if you’re reading this, I love you & your craft & I missed you this summer & I’ll see you soon xoxo


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