School Supply Drive

So while my mom was cleaning out our closets this summer she found a bunch of old school supplies we had never used. There was so much stuff my sisters and I had never used as kids, and we bought new things every year, so a lot of pencils and folders were left behind. 

When I saw that we had so much leftover, it got me thinking that this was probably the case for a lot of people. So many of us, especially at Drake I feel like, are blessed to have an overabundance of resources. I decided to organize a school supply drive for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa, an organization that helps develop kids during the most formative time of their lives. 

It was interesting to try and do this without an actual position in any organization. Last year, it was simple to organize what I wanted to get done because I had an appointed position on student senate, and the entire organization backing me up. This year, I had to contact more people to partner with me. I tried to contact the new community outreach senator, as well as the presidents of all of the Greek houses. Everyone was super excited to get involved and give back. 

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! The boys and girls clubs do so much for kids in the U.S., and I hope this helps them to continue doing what they do for our communities.Image 


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