first football game

One of the biggest disappointments of coming Drake was the lack of school spirit at the football games. I love football games, & supporting my team, & tailgating, & chilling with friends, & cheering… Like what’s not to love.Β 

Last year, all of the upperclassmen informed us that no one went to the football games. However, when I showed up at the first game and the stands were packed, I was really encouraged! Until have time, when half the stands left, and the other half sat down. A friend and I kept standing & cheering though, because how sad would you be if you played football and looked up and there was no one there supporting you! This kid was like “were you a cheerleader in high school?” & I was like “no, I just have school spirit..” Like why is that so weird here!?Β 

The first football game this year was packed again, which was really encouraging I think! Even though they were mostly freshies, and even though we lost, it was a really good show of support. I’m pretty sure school spirit is gonna take a 180 this year, like I think this freshman class can do it.



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