Psych 001

Science is totally not a real thing. There is no way I could ever be a science major because some of the stuff I’m learning in Psych right now is not even probable. Like how do you know neurons look like that if they’re really that small. It doesn’t make any sense, I’m pretty sure it’s not even true.

I’m totally not alone either, a lot of people think science is unrealistic. I’d say mostly non-science majors, but still, there’s a following. & sure, there have been really good gains from science… like laptops came from scientists I think and like penicillin. But I think it’s mostly luck & magic. 

Right now in psych we’re still kind of learning the basics. And I think psych will make more sense than like chemistry or biology. Because I totally understand case studies and research and control groups. But once my professor started showing slides on like the nervous system and how our brain makes connections, my brain STOPPED making connections. I’m pretty sure it just shut off completely. 

KUDOS to all the science & pharm majors at Drake, because your brains have to be on like a completely different level to understand this stuff. I think it takes a lot of trust, because they show you these pictures of axons and dendrites and you know in your head you’re thinking “do they really look like that, all pink & purple and cartoonish?” Because how can anyone really know!! Microscopes probably help, but even that, I’ve looked in microscopes before and everything is just a little bit fuzzy. So I don’t think you can be certain. 

One of the many reasons why I’m a business major. 


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