Underground fitness is such a lifesaver. If I had to walk all the way to the Bell Center every time I felt like working out, I would never work out. Not even an exaggeration. Underground is in such a convenient location (besides the fact that you still have to walk through campus lookin all scrubby when you finish your work out) and has all the equipment I need for a nice balanced work out.

So many people get to school and have no clue how to transfer whatever healthy lifestyle they had at home to this new environment. The food here doesn’t help. But Drake makes it so easy to get exercise here. Besides having two fully equipped gyms on campus, they also have tons of intramurals you can be involved in, workout classes to attend, tennis courts, and plenty of running paths nearby. 

Another plus, since everyone has such a different schedule, there is almost never a line. I went this afternoon and was one of 4 people in the entire place: so perfect.


photo from http://www.drake.edu/recservices/facilities/undergroundfitness/ 



2 thoughts on “Underground

  1. That’s awesome! When I went to Drake that awesome place did not exist. I know in the winter especially I did not drag my ass to the Bell Center…. however I did manage to do intramural badminton and soccer :)

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