Test Week

I love the first 3 weeks of school. Everyone is still settling in, so teachers feel kind of guilty about giving you tests and tons of homework (for the most part). However, once you hit that fourth week (aka this week if anyone was keeping track), they hit you with tests, quizzes, presentations, papers, whatever they can think of to overwhelm your brain and destroy your social life. Luckily, if you know what you’re doing, you can totally conquer test week, and keep the rest of your life in tact as well. Some helpful hints:

1. Make a list– Prioritize what needs to get done by what day. If you have an econ test on Friday you do not need to be studying for it on Monday. Your econ prof might tell you differently, but trust me on this. Get the urgent stuff done and out of the way, and then you can focus on anything that you think might require more studying or work than usual. Another helpful way to use your list is to write down how much time each thing might take. If you have an accounting project that will take you a few hours, and a poem to write that will maybe take 5 minutes, make note of that.

2. Cut the down time– Do you ever have like an awkward 30 minute break between classes where it’s like “Well there’s no way I’m gonna get anything done so I’m just gonna read my TL for 20 minutes and then wait patiently for my next class to start” ?? Stop that. That’s ridiculous, do you know how much you can accomplish in that 30 minute break?! Go back to the list you made (take my advice, srsly, make a list) and see which assignments will only take a few minutes, or which professor you need to shoot an email to, or which photo you need to upload to insta (that might be important enough to make the list, idk your life). Take advantage of every free moment you have!Β 

3. Study in whatever way works best for YOU– for me, I need some background noise to really focus. For some people, they need a friend to keep them on track or to go to for help. Others need complete silence. But whichever studying technique works for you, stick with that!! If your friend asks you to study with her and you know it will not benefit you, don’t say yes. You can help her out if she needs it, and I totally encourage that, but make sure you’re studying for yourself and not others.Β 

So there ya go, just a few helpful hints to get you through that rough week. If this week wasn’t your test week, it’s probably coming soon, so be prepared. Keep calm and own it. xoxo,


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