A day in the life of a Drake sophomore

Here’s a play by play of my Sunday–

8:00 am: Wake up for work.

8:05 am: Call into work because I’ve been sick since Thursday and it has only gotten worse and I really shouldn’t be around people/food while I’m grumpy/sneezy (2 of the 7 dwarves if you’re counting, except I’m 5′ 4″ and not a dwarf just so there’s no confusion). Virus’s spread so fast on this campus it’s cray.

11:00 am: Wake up for real and reflect on the fact that I haven’t slept past 9:30 since before school started. Get ready. (Since it’s Sunday, getting ready consists of throwing on a cardigan and some boots & brushing my hair. I’m clearly not trying to impress anyone today.)

11:15 am: Head to Java Joe’s downtown because the on campus coffee shops are closed on the weekends (WHICH REALLY DOESN’T MAKE SENSE NOW DOES IT). Work on the same lab report (/facebook/twitter/scheduling/procrastinating) for 2 and a half hours. My mom brought me soup, it was heaven. 

2:30 pm: Arrive back on campus only to find University ave. closed. (The cutest block party ever is going on today as part of DSMove, and if I didn’t have piles of homework & studying to get done today I would totally be there!)

2:45 pm: Make a beeline for the library to start studying for my management test on Wednesday.

3:15 pm: Finish practicing my skilled procrastination techniques and start to work on actual school related projects.

4:30 pm: Receive a text asking if I want to go get food, and since I’d much rather be eating than studying, I GLADLY agree. 

5:00 pm: Go watch a flag football game because I love flag football/ supporting my best fren dom, but mostly the last part bc I’m not a huge football fan. I’m great at cheering though, go team!

6:00 pm: Try to nap real quick before I have to get ready for formal chapter. I’d much rather wear sweats than a skirt, so I kinda have to psych myself up for that.

7:00 pm: Formal chapter at KKG, <3

8:30 pm: Quick chocolate run with my ladiez after chapter. Completely necessary.

9:00 pm: Library run for the SECOND time today (@drakekkgscholar #studious) to work on a couple of group projects. (Procrastination technique #152: Start a blog post about my super eventful day.)

11:00 pm: SLEEP. Or that’s the goal at least. I’m technically still at the library but I’m kind of over it. I can only focus on productive things for like really short periods of time.

I hope this was enlightening. College is a blast, xoxo 


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