Spotlight on Sammy

So last spring I did a spotlight on T Scholl, track star extraordinare (, and I really liked the concept so I’m doing it again! This time on freshman Sammy Macvilay. Sammy is also from Des Moines, but shares a unique perspective as she does not live on campus. She chose Drake because it felt like home, and says the feeling has only gotten stronger since she started attending.

Photo on 10-4-13 at 9.29 AM

(Sammy is pictured above, the one that isn’t me. She’s all dressed up for BUS 001. I saw no use in dressing nicely today so I’m rockin’ my kappa rain jacket and leggings. & my pirates hat obvs. Sorry not sorry for this mini fashion piece. And go pirates!)

Me: Tell me a little bit of your background.

Sammy: My full name is Southanary MacVilay, I live in Des Moines, I am FULL Laotian, & my parents own a grocery store soo business kind of runs in our blood.

Me: You’re a business major?

Sammy: Right now I’m business studies, but I’m thinking of changing it to International Business (do it Sammy it’s the right choice). I want to eventually get my law degree, and I love the law school here. I’m stuck between two schools right now because I’m not sure where I want to settle down after graduation.

Me: Well you have plenty of time. What’s one thing you really want to do before you graduate here?

Sammy: Study abroad! I either want to go to China or to London.

Me: That’s awesome! What would you say are some challenges and benefits of living at home still?

Sammy: It’s a challenge to be involved sometimes because I’m constantly driving back and forth, so making friends is more difficult too since I’m not around all the time. Benefits, though… good food (omg amen), and it saves me money. And I get to see my family, especially my grandma.

Me: What has been the biggest change or transitionย from high school?

Sammy: The biggest change has probably been the amount of reading.

Me: Have you had to change any habits to accommodate this change?

Sammy: My sleeping habits. I used to be able to live on like 4, but now I need closer to 8 each night or I’m just not functional that day.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Study Spot… “Smokey Row. It’s like a tradition to go there before every test.”

Dream Job (outside your major)… “To be paid to travel the world & eat good food. Like be adventurous.”

Favorite Class… “My FYS is my favorite class. It’s called ‘Can you reason with the law?’ and we get to deal with case briefs and it’s really interesting to me. Plus my professor’s really cool.”

Celebrity Crush… “Currently? Justin Timberlake. Especially in a suit.”

Weird Hobby… “Cleaning. I am constantly cleaning, all the time. The other night I came back from work super exhausted and thought I’d just pass out, but ended up cleaning and organizing my closet instead.”

If Your Life Were A Movie… “The Pursuit of Happyness.”


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