Life’s Too Short to _______

So I have this article taped to the wall next to my desk entitled “Life’s Too Short to ____?” It’s written by Cliff Harkin and I think I tore it out of one of the Job Dig’s that Dean Blum handed out to us in BUS 002 last year. The idea of it is that whatever you fill in the blank with is what you value the most, which I think is a really cool concept. The examples he gave from other people were these:

…miss the journey while traveling to one’s destination.

…fall and stay down.

…put off sharing with the world.

…cook for people who don’t like to eat.

…stay in a rut and miss the challenges of change.

…criticize when praise is needed and praise when honesty would do.

It’s like… when you look back on your life, what do you NOT want to see. I think mine would be “Life’s too short to spend any amount of time on something you’re not passionate about.” That’s something that I think guides like all of my life choices. I don’t want to get to my graduation date and be like “i’m diggin’ this cap & gown but that was a waste of time.” That’s something I think sometimes gets lost when people make the transition into college. They think that whatever they did in high school is what they should be doing now. For me, in high school, I was really involved in choir and LOVED singing. However, I’m not involved in choir in like any way here at Drake. I still like to sing (like when I’m jammin’ in my car on the way to work or serenading my dog Belle), but it’s not something I want to commit my time to anymore. Sometimes there can be outside pressure as well, like a family member or a friend pressuring you to do something because they love it or they’re passionate about it, but it really comes down to your decision, and what you love to spend your time doing. I don’t think people always realize that your passions can change, and that’s okay. 

The same phrase can apply to my plans for the future. I have like no plan at all, but I think it just goes back to the fact that I am not about to start a career without knowing that it’s something I’m passionate about, something that I can see myself doing for the next 40 years, & something that’s gonna make the world a better place. I’m hoping I figure out what this job is within the next 3 years. (If not, there’s always grad school and I basically love student loans so yeah let’s do it)

There are so many other ways to fill in that blank, and I don’t think one simple phrase can cover all your values, but I think it’s a really cool way to stop and reflect on what’s important to you.

So I googled it too, and here are some more famous (a.k.a. celebrities said them) “life’s too short” quotes for your enjoyment and enlightenment:

“…spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.” -Kevyn Aucoin

“…miss out on the beautiful things like a double cheeseburger.” -Channing Tatum

“…have anything but delusional notions about yourself.” -Gene Simmons

“…be doing work that doesn’t make you feel happy and fulfilled.” -Amanda Crew

“…blend in.” -Paris Hilton


(feel free to comment with your own version of “Life’s too short to,” that would be pretty cool, sweet thanks) 


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