Spring Break’s uglier cousin is actually lookin’ pretty good right now, must be those ‘near’ goggles (lol you have to laugh at that). I mean, it’s not a full week, but I’ll take two days off over no days off any day. (mathematically it just makes sense) Fall Break comes at the perfect time here at Drake. After a week full of midterms & studying (or avoiding studying in my case– seriously I’m the worst procrastinator), everyone gets the chance to go home and chill for a long weekend. Even better for me, home is 10 minutes south of campus. Instead of wasting 10 hours in a car traveling to and from my hometown, I can spend those 10 hours doing something more productive (aka catching up on all the ANTM I’ve missed these past few weeks). 

I made a list of things I’m gonna do over spring break (I know, me? a list? shocking), and then divided into a ‘Need-To Do’ and a ‘Probably-Should-But-Actually-Won’t Do’ list.

Need-To Do List:

-Bake with my mama. (pumpkin bread & chocolate truffle cookies, obvi a need)

-Clean out my DVR (by watching all the episodes of all the shows I’ve missed these past 6 weeks, much needed)

-Go for a run (I haven’t exercised in a week, #sloth)

-Catch up with my DM friends (hey guys imy, so needed)

-Clean out my laptop (I have like a billion windows open & my desktop is a mess. This takes precedence over cleaning my room because 1a messy computer means its harder to get my hw done & 2I can clean my computer out without actually getting up)

-Read chapters 3&4 in Organizational Behavior (this one was borderline b/w the two lists)

Probably-Should-But-Actually-Won’t Do List:

-Psych 001 extra credit

-Get ahead on my Spanish assignments

-Clean out my car (sry bby)

-Pick up extra hours at work (but like I really just want to relax (if you couldn’t tell) so idk)

At least I’m realistic. I’m most excited to see my friends and family that I’ve only had brief encounters with since the semester has started, or those that I haven’t even seen since the summer. I’m second most excited to wear sweatpants and do nothing for four whole days (although it’s technically two because I work the other two days #workaholic #jkjustneedthemoney).  

On a totally separate and unrelated note, I FINALLY GOT ACCEPTED INTO MY STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM FOR THE SPRING! So so so excited/scared/ecstatic/nervous/READY for this new adventure. 


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