South Side Des Moines

The south side is the best place on Earth, hands down. It’s so hard to explain my love for this place to other people because it doesn’t really make sense. A few friends and I were driving down 14th the other day and I was like trying to give them a tour, but it was like the least exciting tour imaginable. “This is a pizza place my family has eaten at before… this is the walgreens we get our prescriptions filled at… this is a middle school our soccer team used to practice…” They didn’t seem too impressed, but I love every single detail of this side of town. When I’m at Drake, I feel like that neighborhood is my home. But as soon as I step back on the south side, it’s like who am I even kidding? I’m so in love with all of the memories I’ve made here: the four minute drive to school, walking to DQ in the heat of the summer, road runs with the cross country team, Lincoln for homecoming, pretending gray’s lake was a real beach.

If I wasn’t so intent on making it big, I would be perfectly content to stay here the rest of my life. However, I know in the back of my head that can never happen. Fall break is like a little vacation from reality. But I’m tryin’ to see the world, to CHANGE the world. And that’s hard to do when all you ever do is think about how things used to be or how much fun you used to have. I think it’s so important to live in the present. Living in the past is so pointless, whether it’s reliving your regrets or your reminiscing about the good times, if that’s all you ever do it’s hard to move forward. And living in the future is almost as pointless. You never know what’s going to happen, and while you have control over how you prepare, life throws unexpected things your way all the time. If you live in the present, while still being conscious of how your lifestyle affects your future, it’s so much less stressful and way more beneficial.Β 

But I mean I’m only 19. I could be totally off on this. Or I could just be wise beyond my years.

I guess I’ll find out somewhere down the road, I’ll keep you updated,



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