halloween ideas 4 u

It’s that time of year, so I thought I would give some of my best ideas for good halloween costumes, you’re welcome in advance.

You could be……

1. A minion. This is what my bffz Kal & Jordan & I are going as this year, so don’t steal our idea, but we’re so so so excited.

2. The president. So stately. So classy.

3. The color “yellow.” This is an idea I tried to pass through as our AKPsi crush theme. It didn’t go over well.

4. A cat. Always my last minute go-to. Probably the easiest costume in the book (unless you’re one of those lames who goes as “yourself”… YOU HAVE 364 OTHER DAYS FOR THAT OK, have a little fun once and a while)

5. Cher & Dionne from Clueless. (Kal just a heads up this is what we’re doing next year. I kind of wanna be Cher but we can discuss later. Or we can be Blair and Serena up to you)

6. Any character from Saved by the Bell, while we’re on the subject of tv shows & movies.

7. Reigning Cats and Dogs. I re-watched seasons 1 & 2 of New Girl over Fall Break and this is what one of the characters dressed up as. It wasn’t cute, but super clever, go watch the episode it’s a classic.

8. A _____ player. I love seeing all the kids dressed in their sports uniforms bc their parents are cheap. That’s what my kids are gonna be wearing though, I don’t think I’ll ever be so rich that I feel like I can spend money every year on a cute costume that they’ll only wear once, sorry children.

9. A ghost. Also a viable option for what I’m gonna make my kids dress up as. Sorry again.

10. The pink ranger. a.k.a. the BEST ranger.

11. Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. Love that movie, plus she’s so adorable.

12. A man in uniform. This one is for the fellas, obvs. Pick a uniform, they’re all great: fireman, police officer, army, navy, mall cop… whatever works for you.

13. A powerpuff girl. My dream group costume idea right here.

14. Kimpossible. I should probably stop here or I’m just gonna end up making a list of my favorite childhood cartoons and that’s a long list I think.

Hope this helps.

Here are some pics from Halloweens past (my parents didn’t let me go when I was younger so they’re all pretty recent sry):


From Top to Bottom– me & kayakaya5, I was a cat (go-to) & she was a bunny, tenth grade… I dressed as an elephant but let Sully the cat borrow my costume, eighth grade… Britt & I during homecoming week 2009, I was a cat (surprise) & she was a rockstar… &the bottom is me as a chef, Morgan as a pirate, Ash as Flo, & Tessa as a greek goddess, 2012.

Also quick note, I went trick or treating until my junior year in high school, with no shame. I <3 candy, xoxo



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