AIB SE 2013, Atlanta

This post is coming to you from an Atlanta Starbucks on the Georgia Tech campus. I’m frustrated because this line is miles long so I haven’t even attempted to grab coffee yet. But, I’m having an awesome time with this conference so that makes up for it. 

AIB SE, which stands for the Academy for International Business (Southeast) is holding their annual conference in Atlanta this year, which is really cool because I’ve never been to Atlanta before now and I LOVE visiting new cities. I’m here with a group of students that are also in the Young Scholars IB Research program, as well as two of our IB professors. We’ll get to hear new ideas in International Business research, as well as connect with people from 39 different countries in every stage of research. 

While we were at the airport yesterday (AT 5:00 IN THE MORNING), I was remarking to my classmates how much I loved airports. There are so many different people at different stages of their lives traveling to different places for different reasons. I know that was probably overkill of the word ‘different,’ but it just amazes me that if you listen to a few different conversations in the course of your time at the airport, you’ll almost never hear the same situation. Last night, when we went to a local restaurant for a pre-conference social gathering, one of my fellow sophomores, Chipo, told me that this was a lot like being in an airport. Which is TOTALLY true and probably why I’m loving it so much so far. There’s just so many different stories and backgrounds in one place. 

I am super psyched to be able to hear at least a few people’s stories, and to hear what everyone is doing in the international business research realm! 



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