Drake– the land of opportunity

Where else would you be able to have the opportunity to travel to Atlanta for a 4 day conference on International Business research?

Where else would you be able to chat with the president of the university in the Olmsted coffee shop?

Where else would you be able to meet Neil Degrasse Tyson and convince him to take the coolest picture you have ever been apart of? (See below)

ONLY AT DRAKE. #DistinctlyDrake

I’m seriously so blessed to be able to attend this university. When I tell people that I came into college not knowing what I wanted to do (and still don’t), they act like I’m crazy for spending so much to come here. But I know that the experiences I have received here have greatly outweighed the cost.

This weekend was SO amazing. You may have read a little bit in my last post about the conference I attended, but it ended even better than it began. I ended up speaking with so many individuals from different cultures and learning so much about the world, the economy, cultural customs, doing business abroad, etc. It was such an awesome learning experience that I totally couldn’t have gotten in the classroom. Beyond that, I also received more insight about my future plans. I talked to a few individuals (including my awesome DIIBS professors Kappen & Mitchell) about what my options were going forward, and although I didn’t concrete any plans, I think I definitely want to continue my schooling after my four years here. Whether that’s through the 3+3 business/law program here at Drake, or whether it involves me getting a masters somewhere down the road, it’s something I really want to pursue.

Also, I think it is too cool that the professors and faculty here at Drake are so approachable. If I see any of them on campus, they are more than happy to stop and have a conversation with me. I’m not sure if anywhere else you’d be able to stop the dean of the business school and talk to him about a question or idea you have.

And then the last part… Neil Degrasse Tyson came to speak at the Bucksbaum lecture last night (this awesome huge lecture that Drake holds every year) and I got to meet him (slash serve him dinner).


(If you don’t know who this is… like do you live under a rock? Google maybe?)

When thinking about where you want to spend your next four years, it’s important to consider the big ticket things, like location, price, size, whatever. But I would encourage you to look at the other factors that go into your four years as well. Talk to someone who attends the universities you’re considering, and see what they’re involved in outside of their classes, and how that’s helping them work towards their futures.


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