SnOw happy there’s snow on the ground right sNOW

I. Love. Snow.

Anyone who lives in Iowa and says they don’t like snow is having an identity crisis. Because really, if you hated snow, you would have moved by now (like really it makes sense). However, if you continue to claim you hate snow, please take your negative comments elsewhere because I am in heaven right now!

The first snowfall of the year is always so exciting for me. It’s just like the first day of spring (except colder)- full of new beginnings and possibilities. My friend and her husband always go out for a cup of hot chocolate on the first snowfall, which is like my favorite tradition I’ve ever heard of. When I get married (LOL) that is the first tradition I’m enacting. It’s more exciting than like a birthday or an anniversary because it comes on a different day every year, like a surprise anniversary. So cute.

But I am so ready for winter now. Coffee (I mean that’s year round but), snowmen, Christmas, my birthday (hope you’re all ready, mark your calendars 1-25-14), VDay (LOL AGAIN), snow angels, winter coats, New Year’s Eve, Christmas MUSIC, ice skating, Jolly Holiday lights… the list could probably go on I’m just that excited,

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo times a million!


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