Good To Be Home

So I know that home is only a short drive from campus for me, but it’s still so exciting to be able to take a break and unwind at my mom’s house. Yesterday as everyone was packing up and getting ready for their 6 hour drive or flight home, I found a new kind of gratitude for my proximity to home. It took me 8 minutes (swear I was like barely speeding). 

I love Thanksgiving break because not only do you get to catch up with those freaks you’re related to (<3), but you also get to catch up with everyone else who is home for the holiday. I saw one of my best friends for the first time in like forever yesterday, and get to see this kool kat @katieeich4, best friend since 7th grade, tonight! Too excited.

I also love Thanksgiving break because it gives me a chance to get caught up on everything I’ve been slacking on (like writing these posts, oops). My most productive study spot in Des Moines is at the starbucks downtown. I love coming here and sitting in the same spot that I did all throughout high school. Such a throwback. (They actually just remodeled though so it’s less reminiscent, barely even looks like my starbucks anymore so sad.)

The rough part about this Thanksgiving break in particular is that we only have a week and half of school after we come back. Which means if I want to do well on my finals I should probably start studying like now. Which is difficult because there are so many people to catch up with. And facebook. 

Another rough thing about only having a week and a half when I come back is that I’m not even coming back next semester since I’m studying abroad. So I basically have 10 days left with all of my best friends before a semester apart. Which is actually a lie since I’ll be here for all of January and February, but still. It’s a little sad. 

But I hope everyone has a super Thanksgiving, have fun with your fams, stay gucci


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