Thankful For

Today I’m so thankful for the financial position my family is in. We’re not the most well off (although we do dine with D Trump, like on occasion) but we can afford 3 meals a day, and that’s something I take for granted all the time. It’s easy to forget all of the families that don’t have this luxury when they’re not right in front of you.

Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for not only the big things, like your family and friends and education, but also the small things, like the pumpkin pie your mom is making in the next room. I am seriously so blessed.

One really cool organization that works to help those families in need of meals, which you might have heard of, is Feeding America. Their website bio is simply: “Nearly 49 million Americans struggle with hunger. Many are working families, children and the elderly. Give hope to families and hope to communities. Give the gift of meals.” Basically, you give $1 and it buys 9 meals. How insane is that… Think of how much money you spent this weekend eating out, and think of how many meals that could have bought for these families. I literally ate out so many times this past weekend, and thinking about how I could have spent that money to help others makes me almost sick. 

So my goal from now until Christmas is to write down every time I pass on an opportunity to eat out, and then on Christmas donate that money to this awesome cause. You should totally try the same, it’s so simple and such a great way to give back.

Here is the website if you want to check it out. Happy Thanksgiving (:


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