Pre Finals Post Break

Right after what was supposed to be a super relaxing break (I did homework & worked so that was relaxing), we’re thrown right into the fire, aka finals studying. Mapping out everything you have to do is almost more stressful than the actual work itself. Looking at the long list of things I have to accomplish in such a short amount of time is like mind boggling. 

Also, I have 4 finals on the same day (two at the same time) so that’s kind of stressful as well. Luckily the professors are really understanding about that type of thing and it shouldn’t be a problem to move a few of them around.

The finals that I am most nervous about are my Spanish and economics finals. I have like borderline grades in both so they mean a lot more than my other tests at this point. It’s hard to figure out how to balance my time between preparing for my finals and finishing all of my final homework assignments and projects. When the test isn’t for a week, I usually don’t start preparing that far in advance, but I think it’s necessary this time. 

It’s easy to waste an hour on netflix or spend an extra 20 minutes in Hubbell eating and talking instead of doing your work, and I’m all for study breaks, but before finals you have to make sure you’re in absolute control of all of your time. I’m all about efficiency, even though I am always talking about procrastination, and in order to be efficient you have to know when and what you need to be focusing on. 

So wish me luck, xoxo


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