Time to shed some light on our this mystery holiday, which really don’t get enough recognition each year around this time. I asked a local celebrator what Hanukkah was all about and got this response:

“It was like when we were trying to escape Egypt or whatever and the candle lasted 8 nights.” 

… So I googled it instead.

This year, Hanukkah started on Wednesday, November 27th, right before Thanksgiving, and ended just a few days ago on Thursday, December 5th. On the chabad website (chabad is like a sect of judaism I’m pretty sure), they define the holiday as a festival of lights that exists to “celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration, of spirituality over materiality.” (http://www.chabad.org/holidays/chanukah/article_cdo/aid/102911/jewish/What-is-Hanukkah.htm)

So what I got from this website is that the Greeks were trying to take over Israel, but the Jews put up a fight and ended up beating them. So they got the Holy Temple in Jerusalem back but they only had a little bit of oil left to light the menorah with, like enough for one day only. Because the Greeks contaminated all of it. But somehow it lasted 8 days until they could get more. So then they invented Hanukkah, or Chanukah, in remembrance of the miracles that occurred. 

Some of the most famous Hanukkah customs include giving gifts, spinning the dreidel, and eating fried foods like potato pancakes and doughnuts. I remember learning the dreidel song in elementary school & it’s actually pretty catchy so if you want some culture in your day : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKreDYVWark

I should definitely be studying econ instead of the history of a holiday I don’t actually celebrate so wish me luck on actually focusing for the next couple of hours, it’s gonna be a challenge.


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