My First (Real) Internship!

So the Tuesday of finals week, I got an email from Dean Blum saying that if you were staying in town over the break, there’s an opportunity for an internship at a company called CEM that could start as soon as the week after finals are over. That wasn’t a ton of information, but I responded anyways because I had been hoping to find an internship over J-Term, and after looking into CEM, it sounded like a great company to be involved in. I went in to 208 later that day and picked up some more information on the internship and who I should get in contact with. After shooting an email off to Michelle DeClerk, president of CEM, I headed to work out, and returned home to a voicemail from Mrs. DeClerk. I called back and we settled on an interview time that Thursday. At the interview, we further discussed my qualifications as well what exactly the job would entail, and I felt like it was basically the perfect fit. They called me later that day to let me know I’d gotten it, and told me to come in on Monday to get started.

How cool is that- I started an internship this week that I literally hadn’t even known existed last week. The business school here is just so sweet. And the best part is that I’m actually enjoying myself. They just kind of threw me into some random assignments and small projects, which is kind of what I thrive on. I love crossing things off my to-do list, I don’t even care how nerdy that sounds.

Another reason it’s such a great fit for me is that I’m leaving to go abroad in February. Lucky for me, this is CEM’s busy season and they are fine with me staying for just a few months. Couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity, and the experience it will provide me is priceless.

My first couple of days have been so much fun- we even had the chance to go ring bells for the Salvation Army yesterday afternoon. So cool.



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