Christmas Day

It’s Christmas morning, & can we just talk about how bad a match Spencer is for Heidi? Like seriously how does she not see it.

My mom SANTA did so great this year, he brought me seasons 3 & 4 of the Hills, how does he always know exactly what to get! Christmas miracle. 

It’s been such a great day so far! I got to sleep in and was woken up with a cup of coffee in bed, as my mom was clearly tired of waiting around for me to wake myself up & finally open presents. Then we opened our gifts, my dog Belle included, & had a healthy breakfast of fruit (and bacon and cinnamon rolls). So perfect.

This afternoon we’re heading out to my sister’s house, which is exciting because she and her husband are celebrating their first Christmas with their new baby boy Ethan, the coolest nephew in the world. My other sister & her husband will be joining as well, so I’m really pumped. 

Until then, you can find me posted on my couch hangin’ with my girls LC and Audrina.



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