J Term

One thing I love about Drake is the opportunity to take a J Term class over the month of January. Last year I wasn’t able to participate because I was a freshman, but I really enjoyed the long break. All of my friends from Iowa or Iowa State had to go back within the first couple of weeks in January and I didn’t have to until the end of the month.

This year, I signed up to take a Public Relations class, because it would count towards one of my AOIs and it looked really interesting. However, I learned that one of my classes required for my major took care of the same AOI so it would be super pointless for me to take this class. Except for the fact that it would be informative, it didn’t really apply to me. My roommate, however, was on the waiting list for the same class so I let her take my spot and will be enjoying my January at home (ha, jk, at work). 

Not taking a class freed up my time for my Target job as well as my new internship, so I still feel really fortunate that Drake offers J Term options, even though I won’t be taking a class. If you’re thinking about coming to Drake, definitely keep J Term in mind, and check out the wide variety of courses that were offered this year (https://www.drake.edu/dc/j-termexperience/j-term2014on-campuscourses/). There are even some abroad experiences offered! 



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