My New Year’s Resolutions…

…are never taken seriously. (Which goes for pretty much any New Years Resolution if we’re being honest with ourselves.) One year I didn’t drink pop for the entire year. But let’s be honest there were a couple of times when I made exceptions. I still think it’s smart to make a list of everything I want to accomplish in the new year, so here we go. 

1 Eat more chocolate. Bc life’s short. 

2 Keep a better budget. I need to stick to writing down everything I spend money on so I know where I need to cut back. (it’s coffee, if you’re wondering, I need to cut back on coffee)

3 Take tons of pictures in Chile. & make tons of friends. & learn tons of Spanish. 

4 Start running again. This one might be hard since I’ll be in another country half the year and am hesitant about running around on streets I don’t know… but definitely when I get back.

5 Volunteer more. I have so much time on my hands between now and when I leave, I need to make sure I’m spending some of that on someone other than myself.

So pumped for 2014. & it’s already off to a great start, so I’m way too excited to see everything this year has in store for me.



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