5 reasons you need a twitter

1 To pick up on the latest trends. Trending right now— #NFLPlayoffs (which is promoted so idk if that actually counts),  #OrangeBowl,  #AmericansvsBritish,  #DrPepperTuition,  #CLEMvsOSU,  #SelfieOlympics, Braxton Miller, Maty Mauk, Freedom Writers, Phil Everly. I don’t actually know what half those things are so clearly I’m off my game. It’s also a great way to pick up on new phrases (& then proceed to urban dictionary them to find out what they all mean). Totes worth getting a twitter for, obvs. 

2 To hone your vocabulary skills. Besides all the abbrevs and slang you use (or should start using if you want to be relevant), you have to really know what words you want to use to get your message across in 140 characters. It’s a special kind of skillset. Image

3 To know what your friends are doing at all times. LOL just kidding maybe that’s why stalkers get twitters, but it is helpful to know what everyone is up to. For example, maybe you’re tryin to go to the mall, and you dk who you’re gonna ask, so you scroll through your twitter feed for 10 minutes and see that all your bffs are working. See how easy that made it? Time to call your back-up friend. 

4 To stay up to date on current events. Whether it’s which celeb just uploaded a rando shirtless pic (cough, nick jonas, lookin at you) or which teams are playing in the superbowl (still not entirely sure), you can find basically anything out on twitter. 

5 To get a good laugh. There are so many accounts that just make jokes all day. And you’ll find that some of your friends are secretly pretty funny. ImageImage

#YoureWelcome, now go get a twitter, & follow me (@mollie_wheeler), k




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