Things I got from my trip to Memphis

1. No souvenirs, which is a good thing trust me. (Except I did keep this sweet Barq’s rootbeer bottle because it was so cute & old)

2. A few glimpses of a beautiful new skyline. I LOVE the Des Moines skyline, and if you’re one of those people that likes to say Des Moines doesn’t qualify as an actual skyline, go ahead and click that little red x in the corner because bye. You just have to find the right routes, like going down the hill towards downtown on Indianola ave, or crossing the MLK East bridge. So beautiful. Memphis was *almost* as pretty, I might’ve screamed a little bit when I saw it because a)I had just spent 9 hours in a car and was a little delusional at this point and b)skylines are actually really exciting for me.

3. A realization that I’m pretty good company, if I do say so myself. The car ride was 9 and a half hours there, 9 hours back (Siri said it would take me 10 and a half each way, LOL) So that totals 18 and a half hours of alone time, in case math isn’t your thing. For the ride home, I bought an audiobook (Tina Fey’s BossyPants, too funny) which took up a lot of my time, and the rest of my time I spent jammin’ to my roadtrip playlist (with artists ranging from Jay Z to the Spice Girls) and trying to maximize my speed while minimizing my chance of getting a ticket. I barely even got bored.

4. 2 start-to-finish views of the sunset. So cool to watch the sky change, & with my busy-ish schedule, that doesn’t happen a lot.

5. A newfound confidence in traveling to another country next month. When I decided I wanted to travel down to Memphis alone, my mother said “yeah no.” To which I replied “yeah I’m 19, & traveling to another CONTINENT in a few short weeks soooo.” She had a good point that air travel is safer than driving, but still, I wanted to be able to prove to myself (& my mom) that I could be independent for the weekend. And I was totally fine! Sure 134 days in a different country is, like, a little bit different… but it was a nice preview nonetheless.

6. To drive my dad’s Malibu for 3 days; XM radio, no strange noises, hands free calling, remote start… I’m not saying my honda is a piece buuuut I think the broken lock on the driver’s side & the trunk you have to basically sit on to close say enough.

7. A day and a half of fun memories with my sister!! In my last post I filled you in on everything we had done up to that point, & then that night we got Mexican food, painted our nails (that was just me, Kim’s too much of a professional for that nonsense) and watched a movie. The next morning we made breakfast and I left pretty early, but I definitely think it was worth the drive. (I think my waking hours in Memphis were probably about equal to the hours it took me to drive down and back) Loved seeing my big sis & exploring a new city with her!



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