I mean what else am i gonna talk about…

So this post is about Chile obvi. It’s basically what’s ruling my life right now so it only makes sense that I write about it. I have been majorly stressing these past few days, like what am I gonna pack & what if I don’t get my visa on time & what if I don’t make any friends when I’m down there because like they’re not gonna understand my humor in Spanish I’m pretty sure…

But then my friend Kallie posted this article on my wall today (girls who travel) and the girl that they were describing is exactly who I want to be: a world traveler who’s always looking for excitement and adventure & finds it in everything she does, and discovers more about who she is in the process. It gave me so much peace that everything is gonna be okay. I’ve dreamed about traveling for so long, and 134 days is a pretty big commitment but I mean go big or go home right? (sports players say that stuff I think) This is going to be one of the best experiences of my life. And how scary that I’m gonna be all alone (also one of the facts I’ve been stressing about the past few days), but I have THE best friends waiting for me when I get back. As nervous as I am that they’re gonna forget me, I know that would never actually happen. I’m sure it will be different when I get back, but I’ve been through so much with these girls, I doubt even a trip down under (South America’s new nickname, sry Australia you had your time w/ it) can break our bond.

That’s officially the sappiest you’ll ever hear me be.



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